Brant County – Community

Houses along the bank of the Grand River in Brant County

Brant County is located in Southern Ontario, Canada. The population of Brantford is 115,000 and it’s surrounded by Brant County which is currently home to 37,950 of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They’ve made Brant County their home due to its vibrant and full-of-life atmosphere. The people in Brant County are engaging and interactive, and the environment is clean and healthy.

Brant County: A Brief Look At The Past

The first Native and European settlers arrived in Burford Town in Brant County in 1793. The area had lush, green forests and free-flowing water in the form of two rivers, making it a beautiful land with great potential for faring.

Brant County derives its name from Joseph Brant, who was the Chief of the Six Nations Confederacy. In 1999, Brant County and the six constituent townships coalesced to form the area we now call the County of Brant.

The land was originally occupied by Iroquoian Aboriginal people, who were given this land as a gift from the British Crown for their loyal services during the American Revolution. The Grand River, along the banks of Brant County, is recognized as a heritage river in Ontario.

Treasures of Brant County

There are many treasured places in Brant County that offer a welcoming and accepting place that one can call home. With a unique mix of traditional and modern, the villages have annual events that bring in thousands of visitors and brighten up the fall season with vibrant colours and hustle and bustle.

1. Burford and Harley

Burford was built on the largest prairie land in Ontario, and its rural, historical vibe really appeals to visitors. The village is surrounded by turn-of-the-century homes that boast proud and distinctive architectural designs.

The people in Burford rely on farming and agricultural activities as their main livelihood. As you walk down the streets, you can see farmers selling fresh and organic fruits and vegetables straight from their farms.

If you’re not in the mood for farm fare, you can buy traditional dishes and baked items, including oven-fresh pizzas from the many charming eateries that line Burford’s streets.

Burford also offers community centers where you can exercise and revel in all types of sports, from soccer to baseball and basketball. There are multiple tennis courts, a skating park and an ice pad along with a splash pad.

An ice hockey game being played in an ice rink in Wayne Gretzky's Recreational Center, Brantford

The community center is a good way to socialize and make new friends. You can enjoy the vibrant green woods and the fresh open air with a relaxing evening in the pavilion.

You can enjoy a walk along the paved road called Maple Avenue North, which leads to Lions Park. Families enjoy having picnics with their children in the park, and Whiteman’s Creek also offers a rejuvenating walk along its banks.

Every year on the 2nd Saturday of September, Burford Fairgrounds holds the Burford Flea Market, which attracts many visitors from all over Brant County. Thanksgiving is also celebrated with much vigour and zeal with the Burford Fair, which occurs annually and has been the village’s tradition for more than 150 years.

The Burford Township Historical Society is located in Harley, which has a museum displaying its history.

2. Paris

Given the title of “Canada’s Prettiest Little Town,” this charming and picturesque town will steal your heart. There are cobblestone buildings and churches made from more than 14,000 cobblestones from the two rivers Grand and Nith, which have made Paris “The Cobblestone Capital of Canada.”

Its quaint atmosphere is completed with deep green Carolinian woods that burst with a mixture of colours during the fall season. The round Church spires reach up towards the sky, and the light dusting of snow makes everything seem magical.

Paris is Brant County’s largest urban center. The town was named for plaster of Paris, which is a building material that’s made of gypsum. Gypsum is mined from the banks of the Grand River and its bed. Since Paris is located right where the Grand and Nith Rivers meet, the name seems fitting.

Fishing along the bank of Grand River and Nith River in Paris, Brant County

If you’re a foodie, you can enjoy open-air cafes and shops selling candy, cheese and baked goods in Downtown Paris. You can also live it up with a fine dining experience at one of the award-winning restaurants. Shopping at boutiques and specialty shops in Paris is a novel experience, enriched by the unique mixture of traditional and modern houses dotting the streets.

An architectural enthusiast could get lost in Paris’s various styles, including Victorian, Gothic, Post Modern, and Edwardian.

Your adventurous spirit will be indulged in Paris with outdoor activities like hiking, wildlife spotting, kayaking or canoeing, and overnight trips in the forests.

3. St. George

St. George is called “Canada’s Friendliest Town” for its welcoming townspeople. The town holds the St. George Applefest every year on the 3rd weekend of September, where different vendors sell apple-made items in the autumn season.

Adelaide Hunter, the co-founder of the Women’s Institute Movement, was born here, and her home is called the Hoodless Homestead. As you walk through the town, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the early 20th century.

The town gives you the feeling of travelling through a small village with antique shops where you can find traditional pieces for sale or drink tea in authentic tearooms. The local eateries serve traditional British food, and you can find beautiful pieces in craft shops scattered all around the town.

A wooden bridge leading into the woods in Brant County

Social Activities and Adventures in Brant County

Brant County is a lively community with plenty of social events, gatherings and adventurous activities that give locals a chance to interact and engage in light-hearted fun.

1. Test Your Knowledge of Trivia

Every Thursday at 7.30 pm, Brant Community hosts an Online Trivia Night via Crowdpurr. You can stay safe inside your homes and still interact with the community in this online game that your whole family can partake in.

The questions range from movies, music, food, animals to history and geography, and a maximum of 100 people can play together for the chance to win the prestigious title of Quarantine Quizmaster.

You can check out the details for the quiz and the link to log in to the site here.

2. Become Physically Fit and Active At Home

The County of Brant has a Recreation and Community Development Division, which is now offering a new program called Rec At Home to encourage community members to become physically fit and active while staying at home.

You can register for the program here to take advantage of online fitness classes, ideas for a fun weekend at home, delicious recipes to try during winter, virtual tours and family activities.

A person enjoying a scenic hike while social distancing in Brant County

3. Practice Social Distancing As You Go on Scenic Hikes

You can follow social distancing rules while taking in the new and scenic beauty of the outdoors in Brant Community with one of its 47 parks and hiking trails that stretch over 70 km of the land and are ideal for jogging, cycling, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Families can go for walks on the forest trails to spend time with their children and encourage physical activity outdoors to stave off boredom and cabin fever.

Browse through the Outdoor Adventure Map to see the popular trails and parks for a bit of fun in nature.

Couples and families enjoying boating in the river at Brant County

4. Treat Yourself With Shopping And A Spa Experience

The locals of Brant Community believe in healthy living and rest and relaxation of the mind and body. The community has several spas, such as Space Spa, The Tonic, Karen’s Day Spa and Aesthetics and The Beauty Barn, where you can relax and pamper yourself with a massage, facials, rejuvenating skin peels and more.

You can visit the many arts and craft stores in Brant County for a little retail therapy, which offers everything from fine linens to designer clothes, furniture, antiques, handmade items, and more. A trip to downtown Paris or St. George or a walk-in The Windmill Market can work wonders and provides a much-needed boost of happiness during the holiday season.

5. Immerse Yourself In Culture and Heritage

The County of Brant prides itself on having a rich culture of music and arts. The thriving venues welcome artists and musicians from all genres to a lively and appreciative audience. You can check out the music scene of Brant Community here.

There are many heritage points here that are steeped in history, offering intriguing glimpses into the past. You can visit historic mills and old barns, walk along cobblestone pathways or stone bridges, look at rail stations and admire the mix of many historical eras, including Gothic, Edwardian and Victorian.

A tour of Barn Quilt and the historical sites, including museums and art galleries, provides detailed insights into this land.

Special Eateries of Brant County

Brant County has two special eateries that offer delicious food to community members that are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and using eco-friendly practices.

1. The Healthy Rabbit

Brant County boasts the best eating establishment in town, The Healthy Rabbit, which offers healthy and sustainable food. This restaurant has brought scrumptious and wholesome food to the table for its loyal customers for five years.

If you’re an adventurous eater and would like to make a conscious effort toward sustainable living, you can order from their website. They serve plant-based food, and their meals are full of fresh vegetables, grains and herbs.

To protect the environment, The Healthy Rabbit only uses compostable and biodegradable cutlery and takeaway containers, which are non-toxic to the environment.

Their dressings and sauces are also made with unrefined sugar, and they offer vegan and gluten-free meals made from locally sourced ingredients.

2. Stillwaters Plate & Pour

Stillwaters is another fine eating establishment that’s co-owned by Matt Cummings. He also owns the Cobblestone Public House Restaurant in Paris.

Their mission is to provide the locals with a place to enjoy great food in a comfortable and elegant setting at affordable rates. Stillwaters offers a range of delicious dishes to its customers, made from high-quality, market-fresh ingredients that are bought from local suppliers to support the community.

This restaurant’s special feature is its outdoor rooftop patio, from which customers can enjoy a panoramic view of Paris and the gentle breeze coming off the Grand River.

A panoramic view of Grand River with people boating

Stillwaters also has an open-air bar, which provides ten draught beers from all over the world, and they also showcase games on large television screens around the restaurant.

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing dinner or partake in a light lunch, you can visit Stillwaters restaurant and enjoy the best Brant County has to offer.

Brant County’s Special Relaxation Spot

If you’re hoping for some quality relaxation time, a visit to Brant’s Premier Grand Wellness Spa is a must. Their massage therapy clinic offers numerous massages, including deep tissue massage, hydrotherapy treatments and remedial exercises, which act as a therapeutic remedy for customers.

With a focus on feeling good and looking great, Grand Wellness offers skin and body treatments, including rejuvenating skin peels, body wraps and scrubs, facials and masks which hydrate and cleanse your skin so your face can have a youthful, glowing look and a silky, smooth feel.

Grand Wellness has experienced professionals who also offer beauty and cosmetic treatments ranging from makeup application, waxing, manicures and pedicures, eyelash extensions and more. Both men and women can enjoy these services, so if you’re in the mood to pamper yourself and let your natural beauty shine, give Grand Wellness a visit or browse through their website for more services.

A recreational center with a swimming pool in Brant County

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