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New to Brantford? Let me be the first to say, Welcome! We are Full-Time local Real Estate Agents servicing Brantford & Brant County. We live here, we invest here. We KNOW here. Real Estate is our passion, and we take pride in helping our community grow. In the last 3 years, we have had the privilege of assisting over 300 Clients Buy & Sell Real Estate … right here in our backyard.

Regardless of your timeline, budget or goals — you’ve come to the right City, and you’ve come to the right Real Estate Team! We are Full-Time, LOCAL Real Estate Experts. We rank among the Top 1% Performing Agents in all of Ontario. How did we accomplish this achievement you may wonder? Loaded question.. and yet such a simple answer. We care. We care to continuously better ourselves & our services.. We are pioneering a new approach to Real Estate. We offer Full Real Estate services, but save our Sellers THOUSANDS of dollars in commission. We think the standard fees that come along with buying & selling Real Estate is so inflated, that we have taken it upon ourselves to pave a new road.

Our Clients who worked with us, have truly experienced the difference that buying or selling a property can be. What we offer our clients, in both knowledge & services — really is the future of Real Estate. We prove it. We prove it again, and again… and again.

We have over 10 years of Real Estate, Investing, Flipping & Construction experience! We aren’t the typical salespersons nor are we just a typical Property host/hostess who just walk you through a home stating the obvious … “Here’s the Kitchen…. and here is the living with large windows allowing natural light in …”

We aren’t the typical Realtors. So what type of Realtors are we? We tell it how it is. We are honest, but we are direct. We may not tell you things you want to hear … but we will certainly tell you the things you NEED to hear. By educating our Clients as required with our robust knowledge we make sure our clients make the right decision. As an honest sounding board for all our clients – we make sure they feel safe & that their best interests are being protected. We advise all our Clients (buyer or seller) of the current market trend, actual values, costs of repairs required, flag items in a Property that would prevent us from offering on it … as SO much more.

Want to learn more about The Brantford Market? We know the ins and outs. Ask us a Real Estate question, and we shall give you the answer. Want to learn more about the Buying process, such as; what to expect when offering on a home, how to offer to win, what are all the costs & fees with buying, how to service your new home (utilities/ services) !? –> call us anytime.

Want to explore SAVING thousand on commission to sell your home? We offer full service, start to finish. We will market your home professionally as well as showcase it to EVERY Buyer & Realtor. What’s the catch? NO CATCH! We full service Real Estate Agents near you, but at a fraction of the cost! We earn an honest, and hard-working living. We win by doing what we love, and by keeping our Clients hard-earned money where it belongs … which is in our Client’s pockets.

When your services aren’t motivated by a paycheque, then your services truly separate you from the herd.

Trust in us, and we WILL make your goals a reality.

Houses For Sale Near Me!

Brantford has so MANY diverse Property Options.

Looking to invest? In our opinion, there is nothing more FUN, rewarding & lucrative than investing in Real Estate. Brantford has several areas to target for profitable flips! Where? Our favourite is first and foremost West Brant. Both Old & New West Brant offer some of the largest lots, largest and newest homes, and checks-off most of the top checklists items for Buyers.

Are you a commuter? Working outside of Brantford and want to be near Highways & all the Amenities? North Brantford is your match! North Brantford has many niche pockets to chose from dependant on your personal and/or family needs. For example, if you want quick and easy assess to the mall, shopping, to gyms … then Fariview & Lynden Hills is the right fit for you.

Maybe you still want to be near Highways and all the amenities …. but tucked more into a quieter Residential setting? Not a problem! Brier Park, Green Brier & Mayfair are 3 beautiful communities in North Brantford within minutes to anything you will need!

Brantford has such a variety of Property styles, prices, features & offers the right fit and lifestyle for any type of Buyer.

As Brantford is ranked among the top Cities to live in, as well as to invest in Real Estate, you can do no wrong. Pick Brantford. Pick us as your Local Real Estate Agents. Together, let’s build the bridge between your goals & reality.

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