Over 300+ Homes Sold.
Commission Saved for our Sellers!
(In comparison to the traditional 5% Commission Structure - Agent fees may vary)


Maximize The Returns On Your Property’s Sale The 1% Way

Selling your property can be stressful, especially when you don’t know which real estate company to work with to sell your home. Naturally, you’ll want to maximize your gains on the sale by getting the highest possible price and incurring the lowest costs—but is that even possible?

With Top One Percent Realty, it absolutely is!

Where FSBO properties often fall short, the one percent way is a viable solution. DIY options of selling your home expose it to low-quality resources, limited exposure, and a lack of support throughout the process. Why not work with a flat fee discount brokerage that’s committed to selling your home for a fraction of the cost instead?

At Top One Percent Realty, you can enjoy full-service MLS (real estate multiple listing service) solutions without any risk, hidden costs, or upfront fees. Over 85% of our listings sell to buyer agents and we ensure your property gets the full MLS and online exposure needed to find the right buyers.

Without having to spend a small fortune just to list and sell your home, we help you avail all the services of a traditional agent at a significantly lower cost. We save our Sellers, on average, $10,000 to $15,000 in Realtor fees. Are you ready to sell and SAVE thousands !? Get ready to work with us then! We’re experienced realtors with years of experience with the 1 percent real estate commission model. As one of the top Canadian real estate brokers, we assist you in navigating the property selling process and guide you toward making the right choices. Instead of settling for front-end discounts that don’t really translate into real savings, work with us to take advantage of the amazing savings we, one percent agents, have to offer!

With over 300+ home sales and more than $2 million saved in realtor commission, work with Top One Percent Realty to sell your property quickly and profitably!